Another Snow Day?

It’s yet another snow day.  The kids are ecstatic – and you are out of ideas!  There are several web sites you can visit for ideas – Google “snow day activities” and you’ll find lots of ideas from easy to educational.  Try:

40 Things to Do on a School Snow Day

Let it snow! Need something to do on a school snow day? Start a family tradition.

36 Snow Day Activities and Ideas for Your Kids

Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • If the snow is covering the ground, bundle everyone up and get outside.  Build snow people, snow animals, make snow angels and decorate with found items in the yard, or go sledding – a piece of cardboard makes a great sled if the real thing is not available. 
  • Pass out spray bottles filled with colored water (food coloring works great) and “paint” the yard. 
  • Put together a snow fort and have a snowball war. 
  • Catch snowflakes on dark colored paper and enjoy the different shapes. (Indoor and outdoor snowflake activities here.)
  • Let the kids help clear the driveway and sidewalk – don’t forget to help clear the sidewalk and driveways for the elderly in the neighborhood. 
  • Most important, don’t forget the hot cocoa when you come indoors!

Not the outdoors type?  There are lots of things to do indoors. 

  • Watch a movie, play board or card games, read a book or do some crafts. 
  • Try making snowflakes from folded paper.  Decorate them with whatever you have handy and hang them with thread. 
  • Make collages from old magazines and newspapers. 
  • Mix up some home made play-doh.
  • How about baking cookies, brownies or cupcakes? 
  • Build a fort out of cushions and blankets – or put two high backed chairs together back to back and drape a sheet over them.  You can have an indoor “picnic” on the floor of the living room or play room where the weather is always great (and you don’t have to worry about ants). 
  • String popcorn to hang outside for your bird friends – or make a pinecone bird feeder out of peanut butter and bird seed.

Relax, take the day off and be a kid again!  It’s a snow day!!!!!

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