Five Home Resolutions

Every New Year we resolve to make healthy changes for our bodies and minds, but have you considered a resolution for your home? Improvements at home will have a positive effect on every aspect of your life. Here are some simple changes to fit any lifestyle.

  1. Unload and De-Clutter
    Get rid of that excess weight! If you don’t use it or love it, consider donating it to charity. Then you can begin to reorganize room-by-room with creative ways to store everything. Whether you’re aiming to fix up your home, planning to buy a new one, or simple streamline your life, getting organized will greatly reduce your stress this year.
  2. Make cleaning a habit
    Develop a schedule of cleaning tasks: smaller ones to be completed each day and larger ones to tackle once a week. Make a habit of never going to bed with dishes left in the sink or dirty laundry on the floor. Use this list by Better Homes and Gardens as a jumping off point. Keeping up with the dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming will leave more time for relaxing, pursuing hobbies, and dinner parties.
  3. Plan for entertaining.
    Speaking of dinner parties, why not host more of them? Most of us feel the need to spend more time with friends and family each year, and having company over can bring fresh life to your home. Try rearranging or redecorating. This doesn’t have to be a complete remodel; small changes go a long way. You might not be able to have company every week, but readying your home could inspire you to try.
  4. Pick one room and update it.
    If you own a home, your to-do list is most likely daunting. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the endless projects ahead of you, limit yourself to one room. This resolution can fit any budget and schedule. . Remodeling a room doesn’t always have to include new flooring and appliances. A number of these projects are affordable, easy, and won’t eat up too much of your time. Fresh paint on the walls and a few house plants can completely transform any room.
  5. Complete something.
    No matter what you resolve to do for your home this year, follow through. Don’t feel pressured. You are the one who decides how much pressure there is. That’s the beauty of New Year’s resolutions. You set the goals and you have to decide to reach them. The most important thing is to succeed no matter what you sign yourself up for.
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